Music and Yoga

Ever wondered why there are 7 swaras in Indian classical music? (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni)
Because there are 7 chakras in the body identified by the Indian yogic system.
These chakras are energy points that control human existence. Each swara energizes a chakra in our body.
If you want to experience it, just try to spell ‘Ma’ for 10-15 seconds and find out where you feel the force in your body.
Or try ‘Pa’.
Or try any swara for that matter smile emoticon
When you say ‘Ma’, you will feel the force in your heart region (anahata chakra) and when you say ‘Pa’, you will feel it in your throat area.
Sa-> Base region
Re-> genitals region
Ga-> Naval region
Ma-> Heart region
Pa-> Throat region
Dha-> center of forehead
Ni-> skull
Music and yoga are not separate.
Ever wondered why mantras are sung in tune in pooja?
Each mantra is composed in the some or all of the 7 swaras. There is a definite way of singing a mantra.
When we sing “om, bhur bhu vaswa ….” it energizes our body if we spell the mantra in correct tune and with correct force.
Each mantra energizes our body differently. (Why does some sort of music make us more emotional than other?)
Therefore, yogis prescribe Shiv mantra to some, and Durga mantra to other people.…/chakra-swaras.…


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