Incarcerated in solitude

Like an island amidst a sea,

Hands tied in chains

She kept them on her knee.


Eyes drenched with tears

Her face saddened and pale,

She sits like an ageless mountain

Telling a sorrowing tale.


Of the days in the yore,

Her knowledge, her wisdom

That the world would once adore,

Her reason and freedom.


How they plundered it all

Those beasts! brute and savage,

As she waited with a tormented soul

Centuries for her salvage.


How long can a son endure

I pump my fist in air

I can’t take it anymore!

In agony, my heart aflare.


Winds of change shall blow

For the waves must find the shore

How long can lions restrain

Oceans are lions, they must roar!


But Fortune favors only the brave

They say

So adorn me with courage, Mother!

and valor today


For no longer shall your wait last

It must end now

Enslavement must lie in the past!

And your misery shall cease, I vow


Break these chains, I will!

Mother, and set you free,

Wipe all your tears, I will!

To put an eternal glee.






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