Message In a Bottle

The silence of the ocean, the pangs of reason
Sting sharper than a wasp, fetter me into a gasp.
Life, like sand ,grabbed in my hand
Slips through my fingers, leaving a little that lingers.

My heart was a wreck, Like the boat that stood nearby
We stared at each other, As the end drew nigh
I looked at my watch, It had stopped ticking
I checked my right artery, My heart had stopped kicking

And at that moment in time, a bottle came rolling to me
Blood gushed through my veins as it hit me in the knee.
In wonder and in awe with a dropped jaw
I pulled the cork out, it was wet; it was stout.
And brought the bottle close to my ear
The sound of waves was all I could hear
Wrapped in it was the story of its travel
I closed my eyes as it began to unravel.


I tried to pull the paper out, my hands trembled
Dropped the bottle twice as I fumbled
And there it was held between my fingers
A torn, seemingly old and folded piece of paper
I stared at it and pondered for long
Was it a message, a ballad or a song?


I unfolded it with a throbbing heart
In fear and anticipation that it could tear me apart!
In black bold letters, there was written
“You are nothing but a drop in the ocean!”
I paused-sighed-smiled and folded it as before
Put it back in the bottle and plugged in the cork
And set the bottle in motion away from the shore
It was someone else’s turn to listen to this lore


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