The Republic

On this day, merry and auspicious79
She finally found her conscience
In the ‘Constitution’, her holy book
Towards a better outlook.
A republic
Where the mind would be sans fear
And liberty, fraternity and justice
Would wipe out every tear.

67 years have gone
But the search is still on
To realize the dreams they saw
of her, the land of wonder and awe.
The colors of the tricolor
Often don’t jell
But their destinies are woven together
They know it very well.

The poor, the common, man7267166686_dfa5b4179f_b
Left behind by his ‘trustees’
is crawling, yearning to stand
Wounded with injustice.
Her eyes are bleeding with blood,
As they play Holi with their guns
Burying humanity deep in the mud,
She watches her feuding sons.

There is gloom, but glory too
Success amidst much ado
A vibrant political democracy
Despite that gory emergency.
She adorned herself with peace
During the Cold War,
To protect her dignity, and others’ too
She opened a different door.

Like a phoenix she arose
From the ashes of ’91
She took off to the skybd29f-indian2bflag2bimages-08
Flying past the sun.
Now shining like the pole star
Bubbling to lead and guide
As the world is looking up to her
To make that giant stride

To kiss the moon
As she embraces Mars
To spread peace and love
To heal the world’s scars
A shoulder, not a lending hand
A boulder, not the slippery sand.
Like the old and wise banyan tree
Gives shelter selflessly to the needy.

Indeed, despair shall give wayvasudhaiva-kutumbakam
To hope, one day
Till then, we cease not to strive
To fill our little beehive
With nectar sweet and pure
A drop for each of us, honey galore.
That we all can relish together
Let’s pledge to live and perish together!


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