My Valentine

“What is the fun sitting here..”,
In the lonely park
On a winter night
Cold but cozy,
“And looking at the sky?”
I asked her
In a tone slightly amused and vexed.
My right arm wrapped around her
Over which lay her black wavy hair
With the typical aroma of her shampoo
Mixed with her own scent.

She gazed into my eyes;
As her face gleamed in the light
Dashing from the golden lamppost,
That stood as a lighthouse
Amidst the vastness and darkness of the night
Like all the other nights, tall and lonely,
Guiding me into a kiss;
She closed her eyes
And I too.
Our lips talked for a while
After which her lips strolled to my ear;
I could feel
The warmth of her breath,
Huff and puff it went
Stoking a fire within me,
She whispered
“Isn’t it fun, my valentine?”


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