Freedom Of Expression

Open today the flood gates
Let the river flow,
Drain and plough your seething hearts,
Seeds of knowledge, let her sow.

Fear not that you might drown
Stand with aplomb,so great,
Care not that they might frown
Or threaten, curse and hate.

For what would be our fate
Of us the humankind!
Without the freedom to think
And freely speak our mind?

“Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya”
Is humanity’s solemn goal,
To seek the truth and put it to test,
Let not darkness intimidate your soul.

But word is mightier than the sword,
It can bring harmony or discord
So as you rise to pick a side
Oh warriors! You must be brutally wise.

This freedom that you hold so dear
Remember, it comes at a great cost!
So, choose your enemies with immense care
Lest humanity’s cause gets lost.


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